4 Tips on Choosing a Trustworthy Container VPS

Looking for an affordable, still, highly professional virtual space to host your project? You might find that the so-called container VPS is the most optimal choice for today. As with any other hosting product, choosing a trustworthy container VPS basically means opting for a reliable service provider. Time4VPS, IT community recognised pros, shares 4 tips on making the right choice.

1. Check the Hardware Used

VPS hosting market professionals only use enterprise-class hardware. This means your data is safe and sound hosted on RAID enabled storage array. Still, choosing containers, you share resources with others. So, the hardware must be powerful enough to assure a high-quality uptime, speed, and other strict criteria.

Time4VPS reminds you not to base your decision only on ambitious slogans but rather ambitious company goals. Deepen into the exact hardware model used and look for certified DC where the equipment is held. For instance, TIER III Design and TIER III Facility certificates work as proof that a DC (as well as its’ hardware) meets world-class standards.

2. Seek Easier Management Add-ons

Want to run your virtual space easier? You can with a package of valuable add-ons and access to easy-management software. Opting for an innovative company, you get a complete software stack. For instance, access to a cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk control panels and a free-to-use DNS manager. These will bring many valuable insights.

3. Make Sure You Get the Most of the Daily Data-Backups

Another notable feature to look for is regular data-backups. Ideally, it’s done more than once a week. If you manage pretty high traffic, consider daily and weekly copies. You’ll find an efficient regular backup system is key to an efficient self-managed server’s work. Not to mention backups are an essential part of your data security strategy.

4. Seek OpenVZ-Based Virtualization

The so-called container could actually mean a perfect price and performance ratio. Obviously, you’ll need to find a professional host who can offer all the traits mentioned above and more. Another essential factor to look for is OpenVZ-based virtualisation which guarantees isolated containers with a secure and scalable infrastructure. Not to mention the minimized resource consumption.

Seems like it is worth starting with reliable hosts’ research. You can’t go wrong trying out a professional, secure, and scalable virtual space. Keep in mind – you can get a high uptime and security warranty even with shared resources. And with a flexible host, you easily upgrade or even change the server when needed. Ready to take your project a step further?

Gatlin Alonso

The author Gatlin Alonso